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Crushing a Career in Real Estate

Who do you know in Real Estate that you would like to “serve?"

Real estate is never going away … it is never going out of style or out of demand. It will never be rendered irrelevant. It is a fabulous career for quality of life, income and wealth building.
And there is a lot of competition, right? There are a lot of people selling real estate. Actually not. There are not a lot of people selling real estate, and there is very little competition. There are a lot of real estate agents, but perhaps only 1 percent of them have a powerful system for rising above the crowd and crushing the career.
Anyone can do it. Anyone can rise to the top. You can.
Here are 10 things you can do to establish yourself as one of the highest regarded realtors in your market. This is the long game. You must start right now and stay with it for years. There are no shortcuts. If you want to earn a million a year, you have to earn it.
  1. Distinguish yourself from the crowd. What is your brand? What is your unique set of skills? Why would someone want to use you versus any other realtor? Think about your photo, your logo, your tagline, etc. Do you use the internet to a distinct advantage: drones, maps, virtual tours, helicopter?
  2. Create a monthly podcast and blog that educates the consumer on the real estate in your market, including interviewing experts, case studies, and even your own clients’ successful experiences with you.
  3. Create a professional social media presence on all platforms and maintain it.
  4. Create a high-touch follow-up system like SendOutCards ( and send a card once a month to everyone on your list.
  5. Create a monthly Live event that is part entertainment, and part education with guest speakers.
  6. Enroll in the best real estate coaching program you can afford. And keep investing at every level.
  7. Write a book … a short book that you self-publish on any aspect of home ownership, real estate buying and selling, retirement planning, or home maintenance. Hand them out like business cards. Promote yourself in the community as an expert (e.g. news channels, chamber of commerce, etc.)
  8. Play the long game. Create a 7-year plan with specific goals and conditions of satisfaction, such that you end up earning enough income to have staff cover every aspect of the business you do not enjoy doing, and where most of your income comes from repeat and referral business.
  9. Hire staff now to do everything that is below your pay grade, from mowing the lawn and housekeeping to social media, placing signs and sending cards. If you now earn $100 an hour, don’t do anything in your life that you can hire someone to do for less. Delegate.
  10. Create a set of Single Daily Actions and dedicate a specific time of every day to do them (8am–11am or 10am–2pm or 2pm–6 pm) and do them every day without fail, without distraction, without creative rational about why not to do them. Do the daily things that matter and compound their impact for quantum growth.
Richard Bliss Brooke Ontological Coach, Author, and Speaker Author, “Mach 2: The Art of Vision & Self-Motivation” Lanai, Hawaii
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