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How & Why to Hire a Coach

Coaching is the best investment a business person can make. We, ourselves, the business owners, can provide the best return on investment. 
If I invest $1,000 in the stock market, I might earn $100 a year. Comparatively, this is a waste of capital. If I invest $1,000 in myself, I might earn an extra $1,000 to $10,000.  
No one considers a quantum leap in their sports or art or music ability without a coach. But when it comes to business, we tend to consider that our gross income ought to be our net income. We may invest in inventory, events, travel, apps, websites and tools, but coaching? 
Maybe it feels too personal. Maybe we don’t want someone else knowing how hard we really work. Maybe we don’t want someone holding us accountable or making us wrong. Maybe we just tend to shun help at all. Those who embrace and invest in coaching can create quantum leaps in their income … in their skills, leadership, peace of mind and even their free time!
But whom do you hire? How do you know who is the right coach for you? Here are some tips and questions to consider: 

1. Does the coach/mentor have verifiable success in your specific business? Success-at-selling coaching does not count unless that is what you are pursuing. Drill down deep on your mentor’s resume and look for the kind of success and integrity that inspires you.

2. Does the coach themselves have a coach? If I am going to coach/mentor you, and I am not being coached myself, then I do not actually believe in coaching. Who is their coach? Study their coach.

3. Is the program affordable and appropriate for your current income and stage of business? If you’re earning $1,000 a month, you do not need to invest all of it in coaching – 20% of your current income is about the max.  

4. How exactly will you get a return on your investment? If you invest $1,000, you need to see a clear path to earning $2,000 more than you would have anyway. How will you do that? By when? Does the coach give you a plan for that?

5. Is the coach better at marketing themselves than coaching or better at coaching than marketing themselves? If they are better marketers, you end up overpaying for a poor coach.

6. Do you align philosophically with the coach? Do you respect and trust them? Do they entertain you? Inspire you? Do they tell you the truth or patronize you?

7. Do you get to interact personally with the coach or are you just a number in a huge client list? Are you getting “talked at” or “listened to”? The best coaches are able to hear your personal challenges and at least address them to the whole group, if not work with you one-on-one. 
8. What do others in your profession have to say about this coach and their program? Are the endorsements specific as to their results or just platitudes? Do you believe them? Interviewing them about their specific results can save you a lot of wasted time and money.  
Coaching is the smartest investment you can make in your income. Go for it. You will love the results.
The work is worth it,

P.S. My blogs are, for me, a conversation. I rant for a bit and then … if so inspired, you respond. Your comments close the loop of conversation. They let me know I was heard. They let me know I contributed something … or not. I encourage you to close the loop … or open a new one and say something.

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