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Declare Your Intentions

"Listen to your  voice for intent. Watch your  feet for what is real. The difference between good intentions and what we are willing to actually do, THAT space reveals it all. That space can be used to make declarations and form the habit of action, OR it can be the place where our good intentions are just idle BS. 

  • We want something. (This part is easy)
  • We intend to do something to get it. (This is also easy)
  • We declare the manifestation, speaking or writing the intention. (This leaves 95% of the good intentions behind)
  • We affirm the declaration over and over and over and over again. (This leaves another 4% behind)
  • We actually do the declared work consistently. (This is where the 1%ers live in the integrity of their word)
We want it.
We intend to do the thing to get it.
We declare it.
We affirm it.
We do it.
Everything else is just mindless chatter, faking the process, and total BS.
The thing is, most of us know in the moment of our declarations whether we are going to do the work, or whether we are just working to look good.
We can only fake it for so long. We are either a 99%er or 1%er.
 The work is worth it,
 Richard Brooke
 P.S.Comment below!  Tell us what you thought as you read this blog.

3 Responses

Emily Ellsworth

Emily Ellsworth

November 08, 2021

What I get from this is keys to success:
1. Writing and speaking our goals
2. Daily affirmations leading to those goals
3. Daily action: DOING the work!

Thank you Richard. How many times do we have to hear/read something to absorb it and use it? 100,000?

Susie Cornwell

Susie Cornwell

November 07, 2021

My declaration timeline and goals begin today:) Thank you for the encouragement!

Baby Omer

Baby Omer

October 08, 2021

It’s real inspired me as well the importance of a reading habit is intrinsically linked to professional success, as it opens up the mind to new experiences and provides new avenues of knowledge.
Thanks Richard Brooke

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