Transformers On The Loose!

Transformers On The Loose!

What happened when I spent the weekend with 200 courageous souls who wanted to reinvent themselves? You don't want to miss this ...
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What inspires me?

I'll tell you what inspires me ... over 200 courageous souls on fire about taking "themselves" on and reinventing the old into a chosen new.

I spent a weekend in August with them in Kelowna, BC at the University of British Columbia where they honored me to lead them through what has always been for me an extraordinary experience.

I went through it myself many times in the 1990s and it gave me the tools to become the person and the leader I really wanted to be.

One of the things we work with in the Live Your Bliss Workshop experience is desire … what we want matters little in whether or not we get it yet we tend to give it almost all the power to matter.

We think as long as we want something really bad we just might get it.

Yet all that leads to is a lot of hard work, worry, funk, and frustration. When we accept that what we want is only important for pointing us in a direction we want to go in and it takes a whole other conversation to actually get there, a break through occurs. That whole other conversation is self-motivation ... which is simply a new conversation we invent that convinces us that what we want, we not only deserve but we ARE in the daily process of creating it.

The Art of Vision and Self-Motivation is the secret to success.

Whenever brave souls come together to assault their beliefs and reinvent them ... I show up to support them. It is this art that transformed this introverted, negative, cynical chicken chopper into a transformational leader. It's not easy to change the core of our beliefs, but if who we are is not leading us to the life we dearly want, than it is to some of us worth it. I believe in you,


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