Financial Security Worksheet

Financial Security Worksheet

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Financial Security Worksheet

It doesn't matter if you're 25 or 45, it might surprise you to learn just how much you must save and invest, starting now, to ensure that you can retire when and how you choose.

How is your retirement fund shaping up? Complete the questions below and then click Show Me.
1. To what age do you expect you and your spouse will live?
2. At what age do you want to retire?
3. How many years until your desired retirement age?
4. What is the annual income you will need?
5. How much money do you have now (real estate equity, savings, stocks, etc.)? Do not use your home equity unless you are sure that whatever you replace it with will be free.
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Your Results:

6. Number of years of retirement you will need to finance:
7. Annual income, adjusted for inflation:
8. Total amount of assets you will need to fund your income:
9. Estimated value of assets:
10. Amount of money you need to save between now and your retirement:
11. Amount of money you need to save each year in today's dollars between now and your retirement:
12. Amount you must save every month:
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