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Mach2 with Your Hair On Fire

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Mach2 with Your Hair On Fire: How To Master Self-Motivation & Stay On Fire For Life! BRAND NEW totally rewritten 25th Anniversary Edition of this bestselling book is here!


Start Living the Life You Want

Do you feel like life is passing you by … that everything you want to have, do and BE will never happen?

Are you settling for the “same old, same old” instead of actively designing your destiny?

Maybe you’re a victim of your own self-defeating talk and sabotage.

If you're ready for REAL CHANGE, start moving at the speed of Mach2.

6 Reasons Mach2 Is a Game Changer


Step-By-Step Guide

Learn how to craft a vivid and powerfully imprinted Vision that honors your authentic values, gifts, strengths and life purpose.


Focus Your Light

When you focus light, it can cut through steel. Discover how to focus on the ONE THING that will compound your goal quickly and create lasting change.


Turn on Green Lights on Your Path

No more procrastination and missed opportunities. You’ll learn how to see things with “green lights” so that you’ll GO and create unstoppable momentum in your life.


Decide Who You Want to Become

Mach2 will guide you through questions to help you identify who you want to become and exactly how to make it happen.


Tap an Endless Flow of Self-Motivation

Harness the powers of enthusiasm, courage, persistence, physical energy and creativity to propel you naturally and effortlessly toward your goals ... like your hair’s on fire!


Chicken to Champion

Ditch your negative self-talk. Are you ready to silence all that toxic I-AMing? I am not good enough. I am going to fail. You’ll be writing a new, empowering dialogue.

In Mach2, Richard will take you on a transformational journey where you’ll learn how to harness the power of Self-Motivation to compound your goals and manifest your Vision — one that honors the “authentic you.”

You'll Discover How To:


Unleash the powers of Self-Motivation to move naturally and effortlessly toward your goals


Identify who you are at the core: your authentic values, gifts, strengths and life purpose


Create a new Vision (mindset) that’s habitual and powerfully imprinted


Flex your imagination muscle to program your spirit for success


Fall in love with the daily zone you need to be in


Why Is Vision and Self-Motivation So Important?

Watch this quick video as author Richard Bliss Brooke discusses why he wrote Mach2 and how it will take you on a journey to personal fulfillment, independence, and success.

Top Endorsements


"I highly recommend Richard's book to anyone wanting to master their own motivation and accomplishments."

John Elway

NFL Hall of Fame Quarterback


“I just read your Mach2 book, and it is a masterpiece … head and shoulders above the rest of the motivation books I have read.”

Harvey Mackay

Author of the bestselling books Swim with the Sharks Without BeingEaten Alive and The Mackay MBA of Selling in the Real World


“I love Mach2 With Your Hair On Fire. I could tell when I read the book that Richard has a passion forchanging people’s lives. I respect Richard and his work and thank him for who he is and the differenceand impact he’s making in people’s lives and businesses.”

Les Brown

Author of the bestselling book Live Your Dreams


“I can sincerely say that Richard Brooke has changed my way of thinking more than anyone. I will always be grateful to Richard for making me a better person.”

Gale Sayers

NFL Hall of Fame Running Back – Chicago Bears


"In this economy you have to travel at Mach2. Richard teaches you to do it in an omni-effective, fun way."

Mark Victor Hansen

Co-Creator of “Chicken Soup for The Soul”


"Richard Brooke's information on Vision and Self-Motivation is some of the best you will find anywhere."

Bob Proctor

Author of “You Were Born Rich”

The Results & Reviews Are Stunning

Customer Reviews

Based on 202 reviews
Status of the books

Hello. I havent received any of the books I purchased last April 20th. I hope you could help me locate it. I already emailed the team as well. Looking forward to receive it the soonest. thank you


Mach2 with Your Hair On Fire


Great read! Will be sharing with our staff.

Wholistic nutritional lifestyle coach

Mach 2 really speaks to my subconscious mind!!
Thanks for creating this transforming book/guide!

Game Changer

This book is fantastic! It is SO MUCH MORE than the usual "get you fired up" book with feel good thoughts, but no real way to put it into practice. This book digs deep, and shows you how to make BIG changes in your world. It's totally a game changer! If you do the exercises, you can't go wrong!