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The Perfect Course To Help You Master Network Marketing

The MLM Mindset Training Course


Richard Brooke's Secret Formula for Network Marketing Success

What You Can Learn From The MLM Mindset Course

Your Story Can Move People:

Your story is the best tool to grow your business. Is your current story attracting people or repelling them?

Conquer the Compounding Confusion:

When you understand the business model, and discover how to teach it to others using Richard’s unique method, your enrollments will go through the roof.

Connect Naturally with Every Prospect:

Learn the secrets of authentic inviting and how to become the most fascinating person your prospects have ever met.

Free Bonus


Drive People to Either Yes or No: Nothing can kill your business like the “maybes.” Learn how to quickly and naturally lead people to a decision to commit … or not.

How to Get People’s Attention and Become Magnetic:Discover the secrets of master networkers, how they think and how they behave that makes them so attractive to others.

Get to Know Richard Brooke:Hear Richard’s fascinating story of going from chicken chopper to sought-after success coach, and apply his lessons to help you succeed faster.

Hear What Customers Have to Say ...   


"MLM Mindset defined a roadmap that is so simple for anyone to follow in order to make this type of business work for you. Richard your training, content, and expertise is quite simply phenomenal and delivered so insight and respect for this industry."

Andrew & Tamlyn Samuel

Arbonne, Berwick, Australia


"I had a small 3-day retreat in my home of 20 women starting their YL businesses. We used your videos along with the worksheets. It was such an effective training. The discussions and insight that happened were deeper than I have had at my other retreats. Your training and books are priceless to my team."

Connie McDanel

Young Living, Bemidji, MN


"This program reinforces the mindset of our business as a profession. Not with quick hype and tricky scripts, but with the respect of honoring people where they are and the logic behind a legitimate career earning opportunity. Anyone willing to work with this model can create a profitable income and make positive contributions to our communities."

Carolyn Wightman

Shaklee, Tavernier, FL


"This training is a tremendous value to tens of thousands of current and future Network Marketing professionals. It builds belief in the profession and helps reps build belief in themselves." 

Sean Graham

SendOutCards, Kennesaw, GA


"This course helped me to identify and be able to speak to the income opportunity, and why it's important to embrace and talk about geometric progression and compounding. It made it so clear as to why daily, consistent prospecting is so important."

Julie Mullin

Rodan + Fields, Tualatin, OR


"I have had great respect for your “not attached to ranks spirit” and having you revisit this subject was soothing to remind me of the larger picture. I love what I do. I’m having fun, getting paid to travel, learn and share oils and it just keeps getting better!"

Yvonne Kuchta

Young Living, Spruce Grove, AB

MLM Mindset Course

Learn the strategies & techniques you & your team MUST embrace to finally create financial freedom, fun & fulfillment. ONLINE VIDEO TRAINING TO HELP YOU MASTER NETWORK MARKETING!

The Results & Reviews Are Stunning

Customer Reviews

Based on 38 reviews
Drake Zulauf


Edward Reilly, Jr.
Invest in Yourself

Thank you for making the mindset program available and affordable for anyone who wants to learn about network marketing.

I learned from your program that the $500.00 to $1000.00 per month income potential is more believable than the six figure, leave your job dream the industry promotes. People will do what they believe they can accomplish.

The penny compounded daily for 30 days vs.every other day is the difference between success and failure.

Thank you for all you do, I will use this program to ANYONE that wants more out of life.
Edward P. Reilly, Jr

Sharon Gayle
GENERIC Momentum Masterclass

This course is amazing. I was brought up into network marketing so I understand the concept. As for the course it is on the ball. I am loving it and it is part of my daily routine. Love the tracking for the accountability of what you do. And how to get your story down to 1 min. I can go on this course is what I needed to remember why my parents choose network marketing

Ms. Julius Erdman


Jim Scheip

Thank you Richard for the great modules.
I went thru the course twice in 10 days.
It was awesome.