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"Within every adversity is the seed to an equal or greater benefit."

- Dr. Napoleon Hill

One of the benefits of "right now" is your team is probably at home with a higher awareness than ever before about the need for a second income.

They are anxious. They have lots of time on their hands. They are ready for action. What they need is direction. Run Thru Rank is a magical daily action, coaching, and training program to launch your team into compounding consistency utilizing The Authentic Networker philosophies.

The truth is anyone can grow a big team quickly in Network Marketing. It truly is as simple as having a plan and then following through with it.




  • • (2) 1-hour Group Coaching Sessions a Week for 8 Weeks
  • • Access to a Private Facebook Group
  • • 6 Hours of Additional Training Webinars
  • • Shareable Resources & Examples
  • • Unlimited Q & A with Richard
  • • Over 20 Total Hours of Mindset & Authenticity Training


  • Leapfrogging
  • Crafting Your Story
  • Casting a Vision to Invite
  • The Authentic Networker
  • Listening Through Objections
  • 7 Steps to Succeed at Anything
  • Your Goals, Vision, & Motivation
  • What Does Run Thru Rank Mean?
  • The Four Year Career® Presentation
  • Waking Up Your Leadership, Ambition, & Sales

Take the Leap and START YOUR RUN

It is as simple as having a plan and following through with it.



In 2018, came the idea of doing a Run Thru Rank with Richard with nearly 800 enrolled. The Shaklee Field is waking up, beginning to believe again. Working together with a common commitment to re- engage in recruiting and developing organizations. Richard continues to inspire Shaklee's field with the belief that it is up to us to create our future.

Carolyn Wightman

Presidential Master Coordinator, Shaklee - Islamorada, FL


I've been in Network Marketing for 26 years and one of my favorite quotes is school’s never out for the pro. Coaching and accountability is a MUST to be successful in our business, and having Richard guide me sharing his wisdom has been priceless! If anyone is considering jumping into this boot camp, I highly recommend that you do it!

Donna Weiser Hennes

NVP, Arbonne - Woodland Hills, CA


I hit RCD in November 2018 and still can lose spark and motivation. This has re-lit a huge fire for the first time, in frankly a long time. My biggest win was getting almost 50 of my team in this training. I couldn’t be more thrilled that they are trusting me, and now you, Richard. Thank you.

Sandi Weldon Boudreau

Royal Crown Diamond, Young Living - Bowling Green, KY


The momentum has been fantastic. I have contacted over 120 people, 5 signed up, 2 in one leg are now building. I have reached more people and have more excitement than I have had in years. All this while having a blast.”

Suzie Sunkel

Shaklee - Vero Beach, FL


Before Run Thru Rank I realize that I was just awesome at authentically creating a team of faithful customers. I see that I was not working to build an actual Network Marking team. My mind has shifted, and I made more invites to look at the business during Run Thru Rank than I had in three years.

Shaila Yeh

Young Living - College Station, TX


I am so grateful to be a beneficiary of your years of experience, trials, disappointments, wins, discipline, and vision. We won't be able to quantify the difference you're making for all of us and those we have yet to touch!

Jodi Whittemore

Arbonne - Phoenix, AZ


The Run Thru Rank has woken people up to realize that there are great possibilities for building in Network Marketing. Wow, what an opportunity, thanks to Richard's help things are moving in the right direction.

Roland Oosterhouse

Master Coordinator, Shaklee Nashville, TN


It has completely changed my mindset for how I approach my business. It's now become a true business with direction these last two months! My mind is still exploding from all of the incredible insights.

Mary Duh

Young Living - Bangor, WI


I’m just loving how no-nonsense this all is. I laughed so much through the zooms and really am falling deeper in love with the process. Also, I’ve gotten 24 yeses since starting the training.

Libby Bunten-Farrell

Arbonne - Portland, ME


Meet Your Coach

Richard Bliss Brooke has been a full-time Network Marketing professional since 1977. He enrolled at the age of 22, and by 28, he had 30,000 people on his team. He owned his own Network Marketing company for 33 years and recently sold it to a billion-dollar company. He has served on the Direct Selling Association Board of Directors and its Ethics Committee for many years.

He is the author of the bestselling books The Four Year Career® and Mach2 with Your Hair on Fire. He believes in playing full out and has a tell-it-like-it-is style, with a hearty dose of wisdom and humor sprinkled in to light people’s fires of accomplishment.

He is the creator of The Authentic Networker, a no nonsense, no hype, no manipulation, no deception, honest, and ethical approach to introducing people to Network Marketing. What he will coach you to do will change your business forever.

Take The First Step

In a business with a sleazy reputation, I will teach you how to grow with no nonsense, no hype, no manipulation, no deception. Honest and ethical approaches are all we do around here.

-Richard Brooke

Get momentum and keep it

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