The Four Year Career® 12th Edition
The Four Year Career® 12th Edition
The Four Year Career® 12th Edition
The Four Year Career® 12th Edition
The Four Year Career® 12th Edition
The Four Year Career® 12th Edition
The Four Year Career® 12th Edition
The Four Year Career® 12th Edition
The Four Year Career® 12th Edition
The Four Year Career® 12th Edition
The Four Year Career® 12th Edition
The Four Year Career® 12th Edition

The Four Year Career® 12th Edition

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The NEW Four Year Career® 12th Edition paints a clear & vivid picture of why & how Network Marketing works featuring 10 success stories from REAL leaders.

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Prospecting & Recruiting Made Easy

Recruit Without Selling

Overcome Objections

Close Prospects with Ease

30 Minute Read

Proven Generic Recruiting & Belief-Building Tool

Have you ever gotten any of these reactions from friends, family or prospects when you've invited them to just take a look?

Umm, isn't that like a pyramid scheme or something?
I had a friend who did that. They didn't make any money.
Ugh. I don't want to sell anything.

What if ... one powerful little book could take those objections and turn the skeptics into believers?

The Four Year Career® by Richard Bliss Brooke is known throughout the Network Marketing community as the best "first look" for prospects ... especially to build the belief of the skeptics. This compelling, generic, non-company specific, easy-to-read book is the single best recruiting tool you can use to open the door and invite prospects to just take a look.

It paints a clear and vivid picture of why and how Network Marketing will align with each person’s unique vision – including your own!

The Four Year Career® 12th Edition - ALL NEW!

You'll Discover How To:

✔️ Recruit Without Selling Instead of you having to explain Network Marketing and residual income, the book does it for you.

✔️ Overcome Objections – Tackles the top myths of Network Marketing, even the "pyramid” one so that even your biggest skeptics will be open.

✔️ Close Prospects with Ease – Helps lead prospects to answer the important question ... Is this for me? And naturally opens them to “just take a look” at your opportunity.

3 Reasons Why You'll Love This Book: – Placeholder

#1. It Creates a Different Kind of Prospect

When a prospect reads The Four Year Career® … even just scans it … they will listen to a presentation with a level of respect and openness rarely experienced without the book.

#2. It Makes Prospecting Easier

Asking prospects to read a “1-hour book” is easier than asking them to listen to a presentation. People know a video is a sales pitch and they listen with that bias. People hold books as truth and education, and they read them with a neutral bias. Knowing that, it shifts your state of being when talking to a prospect ... you are more confident and powerful. Sell the read vs. your program, and dramatically increase your enrollments.

#3. It Helps You Recruit “Recruiters” Onto Your Team

Recruiting “recruiters” is where exponential growth comes from. If you make the book a part of your culture by having prospects and new distributors onboard with it, you up the number of leaders you attract who also see themselves as recruiters.

Hear from the Leaders Inside the New Book

These are leaders who may be much like you. Before Network Marketing, some were already successful in their careers but had no time-freedom. Some were struggling with low self-esteem. Some were even facing financial rock-bottom.

Yet they all opened their hearts and minds to Network Marketing and decided that yes, the work is worth it! Follow their clues and get laser-like direction to fuel YOUR success.

Meet the Leaders Inside The Four Year Career®

Better Life

For many years, this single mom dreamed of giving her kids a better life. By overcoming her doubts about the profession – and fear of what others would think – Robin started building her business with intention, and today is Xyngular’s highest-ranked distributor!

– Robin Packard

Organic Growth

With no college degree and no previous Network Marketing experience, Wendy’s desire to turn their lives around organically grew into a team of over 10,000 members, creating an abundance of friendships, amazing experiences and a real sense of fulfillment.

– Wendy Bakke

Filled With Love

When he was drinking, Tom was his own worst enemy. Big ego, low self-worth! He burned so many bridges that when he got sober, he became a Network Marketer because he had no other options! Today, Tom lives an incredible life filled with love for others AND himself.

– Tom Chenault

Success IS Inevitable

For anyone who thinks they CAN’T, follow the advice of this former NFL pro: “Success in this business is an endurance race – it won’t happen overnight. But if you keep it simple, stick to the basics, and be consistent, success IS inevitable.”

– JJ Birden

Just The Beginning

Tony and Sarah have literally grown up in Network Marketing: 23 years of amazing life lessons! Now building together while raising their two kids, they have more than 60,000 distributors on their team and over 864,000 customers. And this is just the beginning!

– Tony & Sarah Zolecki

Results & Reviews

Customer Reviews

Based on 215 reviews
Kyle Wick

Everyone needs this book in there back pocket to create true residual income! I’ve rolled it out and needing much more now to have people take a look at our magnificent industry! One book at a time I’m changing the way people think and feel about our industry! Thanks Richard you da man!

Vicki Glanzer

Thank you. They arrived promptly. ❤️

Ruthie Gleason III


Regina Saunders
Four year career

This book is life changing! We literally use it as a roadmap to direct our team! Our results are multiplied and the success stories keep growing! Thank you for writing this simple yet mind blowing content!

Mary Bowser

Excellent! Very easy to read! Great advice!

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