Momentum Masterclass On-Demand
Momentum Masterclass On-Demand

Momentum Masterclass On-Demand

Sale price$197.00

I know, the world is upside down. You might be upside down, but the facts are that right now is the most amazing time to be growing your team exponentially. FEELING STUCK IN YOUR BUSINESS LATELY? The On-Demand program is $197 USD.



Gain Your Momentum - Placeholder

External vs. Internal Motivations

Authentic Values vs. Imposed Values

Your Natural Gifts Exercise

Your Theme Song or Life Purpose

Make This YOUR Year for Total Transformation

Use this text to share information about your brand with your customers. Describe a product, share announcements, or welcome customers to your store.

Momentum Masterclass

3 Reasons Why You’ll Love This Course:




Shareable Resources

What's included?

• 9 On-Demand 60-minute training sessions of me coaching and teaching the arts of compounding consistency, The Authentic Networker, organic sustained growth, Vision and self-motivation, goal setting, and business plans.

• Plus 5 bonus hours of webinars that teach you the mastery of leadership and listening.

• Connection, first-look presentation videos, links, and tools.

• 14 total hours of mindset & authenticity training

The Business Plan

Kickoff Starts when you're ready jump in

For less $1.50 a day, you can bring your Young Living business into momentum with a team that loves sharing their product story AND the income opportunity Young Living provides.

You start when you are ready. You work through the 60 days at your own pace. Or, better yet, rally your team and do it all together creating your own Facebook group to support each other.

The secret formula

Get momentum and keep it

I know, the world is upside down. You might be upside down, but the facts are that right now is the most amazing time to be growing your team exponentially.

People are home. They actually want to hear from people … anyone, about anything. We are not starving for toilet paper. We are starving for connection. Some people might be starving for health … others income.

A 60 Day Program Designed Exclusively for YOU

Over 3,000 Leaders Rocked This Program

So Worth It

"I brought 60 or so people of our people through the course and coached them alongside the sessions in a separate Facebook group. We’d have 'after parties' after each session to discuss them. Then I re-focused in July (applying the training vs mostly focusing on mentoring/coaching) and enrolled 9, all on ER. But the mindset/confidence/verbiage in this course is so worth it. Those in my team who did it this year were often my top enrollers, ranked up or leveled up. This has re-lit a huge fire for the first time in frankly a long time."

– Sandi Weldon Boudreau
Royal Crown Diamond, Santa Monica, CA

Unending Opportunity

"One of my other businesses deals with animals and I just haven’t felt it was proper to offer the business opportunity resulting in lots of product users. Now I get to use my newfound approach to go back to present the opportunity. I am reaching out to each of my lower ranked builders in my team to present Richard's blueprint to them. They are seeing what the business can offer them financially for the 1st time. They can envision a life beyond a few hundred dollars a month in commissions. For the 1st time, discouraged people are ready to commit to daily invites."

– Candace Hoke
Diamond, Hempstead, TX


"There is nothing more inspiring than some good 'ol Network Marketing math. I’m finding that as I have begun intentionally reaching out to one a day, there’s been a beautiful shift in my energy and posture. The result has been that I’m actually attracting people out of the woodwork. Feels good to be in the zone again."

– Skyla Mann
Diamond, West Des Moines, IA

Getting Results QUICK

"I am ON FIIIIRRREE! No time for Netflix or TV. I have had to study these videos and they are rocking the way I talk to people. Changing the way I language the opportunity and keeping things authentic. Still a work in process, but already getting results."

– Yvonne Litza
Diamond, Crete, IL

Simply Incredible

"Richard is an incredible mentor who is fantastic at breaking down the steps to getting you to the place you want to be fast! His training is perfect for anyone motivated to get unstuck and get on with their goals!"

– Chelsea Morgan Humphreys
Crown Diamond, San Antonio, TX

Training Through Repetition

"I was excited and committed BEFORE the course, but was lacking the accountability that it gave me. Reminding me about the power of keeping my stats was critical. I made 72 invites, 18 presentations, enrolled 11, and 42 total were enrolled on our team. 22 people ranked up in 2 months, 11 Stars, 4 Sr. Stars, 2 Execs. and 1 Silver. My income doubled from March to June."

– Tarie MacMillan
Wimauma, FL

For the Love of Sharing

"I started as a Star and am now Senior Star. I learned to focus more on real live interaction and less on social media. My profound takeaway was consistency is key, invite 1 person a day minimum. I am more of a coach helping others build their business than me building my own. I was able to share what I learned with my family and their teams."

– Wally Laird
Round Rock, TX

Leveling Up

"Before starting my business was stalled and I had lost my fire. I knew in order to get any farther in this business, I needed new/more skills in Network Marketing. Richard definitely delivered! My business has momentum and I feel totally equipped to take my business through the next levels. I feel empowered to share what I've learned with my leaders so they can grow too! if you lean in to the training with a teachable heart and do the work every day, you'll be amazed at the end of 2 months."

– Stephanie Scherr
Lexington, NE

Everyone Should Take This Course

"The course that everyone should take if they want to be successful with their business. The amount of information Richard shares and the step-by-step explanation of how to become successful makes growing a team simple. He will help you get to the bottom of your habits, decisions, reactions, hesitations, and excuses. I’m looking forward to bringing a few people on my team with me to the next one."

– LiLien Tong
Calgary, AB

Results & Reviews

Customer Reviews

Based on 20 reviews
Darlene Knapton

Momentum Masterclass: Young Living Edition

Jeanine Fusco Lano
Momentum Masterclass Young Living

I've been through many courses over my 20 years in network marketing. Momentum Masterclass was hands down THE MOST effective and lucrative for my business. My business literally doubled since this time last year, and this year alone I have already enrolled 11 people!:). It was well worth ME investing in ME, and even more - the proof to show my team what's possible, and invite and support them to do the same.:)

maria billis
Best Coaching Ever

If you are serious about the business of Network Marketing look no further than the trainings by Richard Bliss Brooke! He is the best by far in this business. You will learn so much about yourself + how to authentically approach people as well as invaluable resources that Richard provides. I can't say enough about how his courses make you really grasp the concept of making the work worth it and learning how to develop the belief so you can speak with integrity and focus about how incredible this income option really is!

Jerry Grundman
Game-changing Masterclass

Primarily because it requires you to stop playing games... and become more of who you really are. Authenticity at it’s finest 👍🏼

Kelly Hutculiak
Hands down the best business training with personal development skills included

I truly cannot fully articulate how blessed I feel by Richard and his phenomenal team and staff. I am so excited about this program as having someone on my team registered last training program and her growth and learning as being incredible. But mostly it helped me to realize, I desire all my business builders to have the opportunity to take this course. I will continue to bless them with a scholarship for it as Richard is the pro, so if they see my growth and other’s on my team’s growth from Richard’s course it will be the opportunity they are looking for. His personal training and time and all the sharable and teaching tools that he has is just Incredible. I know I will always be in Richard's programs as the information is spectacular and the more I take it the more it becomes second nature as I am implementing it over and over. I also knowing that I will go through each program with my team as they learn that they can encourage their team members to take Richard’s programs to benefit their life and their team as well. Knowing he is actually training them to be able to be the best version of themselves so go forward after their dreams, goals and vision. For everyone who takes his program if they actually do the work they truly will be the best version of themselves and grow to the heights that they desire, by him teaching in such an organic way these very specific skills, he is truly phenomenal. I would recommend any and everyone to take his course at least once, as the benefits will totally allow you to recover your personal and business investment as you will forever be transformed that you will see the growth in so many ways not just your business but your personal life and your confidence and achieving and going after your desires with positivity and such incredible confidence because of the skills you will have gained. Thank you Richard and to your team as well together you guys are the best program for any business to be able to ge to the next level.

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