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Got Momentum? WANT MOMENTUM?

Take the leap and START Your RUN

What's included?

• 9 On-Demand 60-minute training sessions of me coaching and teaching the arts of compounding consistency, The Authentic Networker, organic sustained growth, Vision and self-motivation, goal setting, and business plans.

• Plus 5 bonus hours of webinars that teach you the mastery of leadership and listening.

• Connection, first-look presentation videos, links, and tools.

• 14 total hours of mindset & authenticity training

Kickoff Starts when you're ready jump in

For less $1.50 a day, you can bring your Young Living business into momentum with a team that loves sharing their product story AND the income opportunity Young Living provides.

You start when you are ready. You work through the 60 days at your own pace. Or, better yet, rally your team and do it all together creating your own Facebook group to support each other.

Get momentum and keep it

I know, the world is upside down. You might be upside down, but the facts are that right now is the most amazing time to be growing your team exponentially.

People are home. They actually want to hear from people … anyone, about anything. We are not starving for toilet paper. We are starving for connection. Some people might be starving for health … others income.


Richard Bliss Brooke has been a full-time Network Marketing professional since 1977. He enrolled at the age of 22 and by 28 he had 30,000 people on his team. He owned his own Network Marketing company for 33 years and recently sold it to a billion-dollar company. He has served on the Direct Selling Association Board of Directors and its Ethics Committee for many years.

He is the author of Mach2: The Art of Vision and Self Motivation as well as The Four Year Career®. He's also known for his hysterical on the street interviews as Super MLM Man. Richard also hosts the popular podcast Road to Diamond and The Authentic Networker Podcast.

He is the creator of The Authentic Networker; a no-nonsense, no hype, no manipulation, no deception, honest, and ethical approach to introducing people to Network Marketing. What he will coach you to do will change your business forever.

Hear What Customers Have to Say ...   


"I’m just loving how no-nonsense this all is. It gives us permission to let go of any thinking and just come from our hearts and have some FUN 💛. I laugh so much through the zooms and really am falling deeper in love with the process. THANK YOU! Also ... I’ve gotten 24 yeses since starting the training."

Libby Bunten-Farrell

Portland, ME


"THIS CAN BE FUN! This last class was the golden nugget for me as I sign people up now I really know what to focus on with them. Also rewriting my story, can't wait to film it. I'm having more productive meetings consistently and having so much fun in my business again."

Carol Froehlich-Hull

New Rochelle, NY


"COUNTING MY WAY UP! I love the simplicity of it. I am a numbers person so I love seeing it broken down in numbers (e.g. what you get paid essentially per invite) and I love the idea of a four-year career! Really great!"

Kerstin McKitrick

Long Branch, NJ


"THIS IS EVERYTHING AND MORE THAT I NEEDED! Taking responsibility for "MY business" and the leadership role I have for "MY business." To grow and develop my team. Thank you so much!" 

Dawn Manuelito

Gilbert, AZ


"RUN TO MOMENTUM! This was the best Coaching seminar I have ever taken. It made me do the things I have not done in a long time. I got unstuck. Thank you Richard."

Kathy Paige-Smith

Mashpee, MA


"MY CONFIDENCE IS GROWING! It’s got me reaching out to people who I probably wouldn’t have if I wasn’t doing this process and they're thanking me for having the belief that they can do this business. Loving the bootcamp and very grateful for it!"

Bella Freeman

Edgewater, WA, Australia

Young Living On Demand Run Thru Rank

I know, the world is upside down. You might be upside down, but the facts are that right now is the most amazing time to be growing your team exponentially. FEELING STUCK IN YOUR BUSINESS LATELY? The On-Demand program is $197.

The Results & Reviews Are Stunning

Customer Reviews

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Brandon Wiegand


Mandy Sanford


Donna M
2nd run thru , this time I am able to implement

This is a great program, it’s my second time thru and this time I am so much more ready to grasp and implement what Richard is teaching. RBB has always impressed me with his wisdom, teaching and helping people deal with the same challenges I am having on a day to day. This program brings accountability , but also sticks to the principles I want to grow with…ie authentic and service to others. I am in a much better learn, do , review, do better mode and looking forward to seeing a great return on my investment in this program and would highly recommend.